Learning more about keeping in touch

| family, friends

I picked up a package from the front desk today. My mom had sent me a
box of Crane stationery, perhaps reminding me that I still owe her a
handwritten letter for my birthday. I have to admit: I've been
absolutely terrible at keeping in touch. I haven't talked to my
barkada at home in ages, although I check LiveJournals once in a

I need to set aside time for this. I'm missing out on people's
stories, on the cool stuff that's happening in their lives. I miss
hearing about my dad's adventures and my sister's colorful goings-on.
I miss listening to my mom's insights and chatting with my barkada.

I should schedule that in. It's at least as important as meeting my
research supervisor regularly or hanging out with my friends here. I'd
like that time to be less about me telling them stories or asking for
advice and more about me listening to their stories. My mom doesn't
blog, so that's the only way I'll get to hear about Ginger and Adphoto
and all of these other things…

(Which reminds me – I still owe them the map thing.)

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