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Quote for the day: An unexamined life is not worth living. –

I come from a technical background, and the almost-sociological
analyses we need to do for this KMD2004 course on Knowledge Media,
Culture and Society actually scares me. That's probably why I
participate the most in class – I want to test my ideas, even if that
means admitting I don't understand something or taking a wild guess at
something else.

I'm happy with the critique I submitted today, though. Instead of the
usual bullet points, I spent some time last night and this morning
picking out the main point and summarizing other points in the
article. You can find a draft of my critique at . I like it more
than the terse, almost telegraphic summaries my classmates prepared,
following the text closely. It's less of a summary than a discussion,
and I didn't repeat all the points during the main discussion – I just
picked out a few to talk about. I'm happy with it, although I may have
nervously rambled. I guess it's a good sign that as I explained
things, I learned more, and I realized some of the answers to my
questions! <laugh>

I can't take credit for another good thing that happened today, but
still. =) During the break, the person beside me turned to me and
asked if my frequent blogging examples meant that I blogged. I said,
“Sure!”, introduced myself, and handed him a business card with my
blog URL. I asked him if he blogged too, and he said that he hadn't
updated his in a while. I asked how I could get in touch with him
anyway. Upon reading his e-mail address, I mentioned the roleplaying
I'd done in high school, and that turned into a good conversation.
(And he said he was shy! He started the conversation… <smile>)

I turned up at the MaRS Entrepreneurship 101 series and met a few people whom I want to introduce to others, so that was good. Heading over to No Regrets to catch Merlin Mann of 43Folders also netted me a few people I should follow up with.

I wish I could've worked more on the IBM stuff, but that just means
I'll need to plan my morning carefully. And get up early, for once!

It was a good day, and tomorrow will be even better.

An unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates

(I keep messing up the attribution of this quote! Socrates, not
Aristotle, not Aquinas. Socrates. Must remember; I cite it so often!)

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