KMD2004 meeting

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Start: 2:15 PM
End: 4:00 PM
Dave Kemp, Sacha Chua, MJ Suhonos

  • Sacha will send Dave Kemp login information for the wiki
  • Discussed feedback on actor-network map; needs more focus, technological actors, adversarial relationships to change it from a system diagram into an actor-network map
  • Confirmed deadlines for backgrounder articles and integrative summary (Nov 14)
  • MJ Suhonos mentioned First Monday issue on open science that contains an article about confluence of open source, Creative Commons, open science
  • Chatted about Project Open Source, Open Access
  • Tentative internal deadline Nov 7
  • Will meet again Nov 9
  • Draft backgrounder article on the wiki
  • Sacha is focusing on remixers, Dave is focusing on free riders, MJ can focus on producers
  • Keep an eye on the context so that we can write the integrative summary
  • We will revise actor-network map and submit for remarking
  • Discussed intervention piece: press kit for EEL
  • Revised actor-network map

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