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I love looking back at the day and knowing that I finished everything
I set out to do. I can get rid of so much stress simply by keeping my
horizon in mind, choosing the one or two things that could make the
most difference in my life right now, and doing those things.

Today, I got my MIE assignment out of the way. It won't be due for
another 6 days, but it's one of the things with high importance and a
hard deadline. The sooner I finished it, the sooner I could
concentrate on other requirements that might have softer deadlines.

If my task list looks scarily detailed, just wait until you see my
time log. ;) I find it handy to account for as much of my time as
possible while still blocking in treats to reward myself with and time
to relax. Today, I rewarded myself by organizing a small get-together
for tomorrow night. I'll need something to look forward to! First snow
today, and lots of work to be done at IBM tomorrow…

… but today was good, and it's nice having the feeling that things
are more or less under control.

I'm still probably going to do more than one headless-chicken
impressions over the next few weeks. I've taken on quite a set of
challenges. I have no idea if I can really pull all of it off, or how
gracefully I can drop things if nevessary. But just as I force myself
to speak before I'm 100% ready, I'm going to step up and do things
even though I'm not sure how it will all work out. I'm going to jump,
and grow my wings on the way down!

One day at a time becomes one week at a time becomes one year at a
time becomes one life at a time. =) Things are going well.

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