How to tell when your parents are addicted to the Internet

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I think my parents spend more time on the Internet than I am.
Seriously. My parents are hooked on these online forums for
photography in the Philippines. My dad checks then first thing in the
morning, last thing at night, and several (dozen) times in between. He
has his own thread on one of the forums, with 170+ pages of posts. My
mother started by lurking on those forums to find out what my dad was
promising to other competitors, and has come to have her own

I love what it's done for them. It's the daily dose of appreciation
that never fails to cheer up my dad. It's the way my mom can remember
the good things about my dad when he's grumpy. It helps them reflect
on and share their experiences.

And my mom now thinks in terms of blog entries… <laugh>

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