Speaking of warm and fuzzies…


I had two choices for my flight into San Francisco: arrive at 11:30 in
the morning, or arrive at 11:30 at night. It is generally a good idea
to arrive in the daytime when going to an unfamiliar city, or, well,
anywhere, really. This meant, however, that I needed to fly out of
Toronto at 8:40 AM. Getting to the Toronto airport by 6:40 AM
(recommended two hours before departure) is Not Easy on Sundays, as
subway service doesn’t start until 9 AM.

W- Young had offered to give me a lift, but
it was ridiculously early and out of his way, so I was figuring out
where the best place to catch the Airport Express shuttle was. If I
took a cab to the Westin and caught the 6:15 Airport Express shuttle,
it would cost me less than a cab would. I wasn’t quite sure how all of
the timing would work out, though, and waiting in the chilly Toronto
weather for a bus was not exactly my cup of spiced tsokolate.

I was really touched when Simon insisted on taking me to the airport.
He had very little sleep from the party that had finished late the
night before (that morning, really), but there was no sign of that as
he whizzed me to the airport on the highways. It would’ve taken me at
least three times longer to commute there, and I wouldn’t have started
my day so pleasantly.

He’s wonderful. =)

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