My books are balanced

| finance

I have to confess a certain delight in knowing that my books are
balanced and that I have a full year of financial information now
behind me. I know my net worth and my expense breakdown. I’ve
earmarked enough funds to cover my essential expenses for the next
eight months. In addition to that, I have savings that I will divide
into emergency fund, proper savings and an investment kitty. I’ve also
been tithing 10% in an earmarked charity fund, and I plan to adopt a
cause this year – maybe microfinance in the Philippines.

I’m still not quite clear what my cashflow will be like for the rest
of my studies, which is why I’ve set aside a lot. My cashflow will be
easier to figure out when I start working.

I’m thinking of immigrating to Canada. I need to find out what the
rules are for RRSP eligibility so that I can use the power of
tax-sheltered investments. I also need to find out what to do if I
decide to live elsewhere.

It feels great starting the year with a pretty good handle on my
finances. =)

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