Trudging along

| school

Somehow I thought I’d be happier working on this, but it’s
frustrating. Inching along, bit by bit, trying to figure out something

I miss feeling brilliant. <wry grin> That’s part of it. It
frustrates me that I’m learning Rails bit by bit instead of
immediately being able to do what I want. I shouldn’t get frustrated
about things that are outside my control, like the speed of the
Internet (or lack thereof), but it’s hard not to get annoyed by my
lack of progress.

Still, the important thing is to keep moving forward, and I am.
Writing blog entries like this reassures everyone (and myself) that
I’m still alive, and will help me remember what this feeling is like
after it passes. It’s important to be able to keep working, and my
base work rate for estimation should be *this* instead of when I’m
in the zone.

Life varies. I’ll hit my stride again soon.

I’m giving a talk later. That’ll probably jazz me up.

Random Emacs symbol: eshell-pred-file-time – Function: Return a predicate to test whether a file matches a certain time.

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