Upon further reflection, I don’t hate my thesis after all

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I am officially out of my I-hate-my-thesis phase. It was easy to give
in to frustration and think that hating it would make me finish it
faster. But why should I subject myself to that much unnecessary
stress? After all, if it’s going to be a big part of my life for the
next few months, I may as well focus on the positive.

And I *do* really like it. I love the feeling of working on something
new. I can’t wait to try these ideas out. I’m looking forward to
talking to IBMers and thinking of how we can make these ideas real.
And the people I’m working with are actually pretty cool, too.

Also, I’m finally able to download papers from the ACM Digital Library
again. Being able to *see* examples of good research certainly helps.
Knowing that we’re working to a higher standard than some of the
published papers also boosts my morale! ;)

I updated my schedule again, and was pleasantly surprised that despite
the Internet problems, despite my occasional grumbles and frustrated
arggghs, I’m actually ahead of schedule.

This is a nice feeling. I think I’ll keep it. Sometimes I really just
have to remind myself to focus on what’s going well…

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