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I attended the Social Media and PR meetup at the Bier Market. It was great meeting people from the public relations side of things, especially as I was still buzzing from a good day at work. =) Networking on a sugar high!

I’m thinking of adjusting a liiiittle bit more towards longer, deeper
contact instead of just finding reasons to follow up with people, but
it’s hard to have good conversation over the din of other busy
conversations and loud music.

The five minutes I spent putting together a printed nametag and the
seven pesos I spent for a business-card-sized pin-and-clip reusable
nametag definitely paid off, though. More than five people asked me
about it, and it launched some pretty good conversations. I was the
only person wearing a nametag at the event!

I asked the coauthor of Wikinomics if he’d found some best practices
for starting communities, but no go…

Good conversation with Dave Forde, Tom Purves, and the rest of the
people I occasionally bump into in the Toronto technology scene. A
couple of new people I really want to keep track of, and maybe even a
few possible friends out of the deal. Not bad, not bad at all… =)

Take-away lessons: always, always, always carry a nametag with you. =)
Oh, and position yourself near the front, and be animated. People will
remember you and introduce themselves, which saves you the trouble of
standing around trying to break into conversations. =)

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