Adventures with J: Rhyme time

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J asked me if she could take the Shel Silverstein book I lent her to
school tomorrow, because her teacher told them that they’d do poetry.
She loves the Shel Silverstein poems, and has probably flagged more
than three-fourths of the book. I gave my permission, of course.
Because she was so interested in poetry, I suggested that we play a
rhyming game. We rhymed all the way to the supermarket and to my
place. W joined in, even throwing in some gems and groaners. I told J
that if she wants to write poetry, then knowing lots of words will
make it easier to pick just the right word. Maybe she’ll end up
reading more poetry and browsing through dictionaries! =)

J likes drawing and storytelling. Who knows, that could be her path…
=) W and I are both logic geeks, but storytelling is fun too. But I’m
still going to keep thinking of ways to help her develop
problem-solving skills! =) If math is too abstract, maybe adventure
stories would do the trick…

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