Book recommendation: The Ten-Minute Trainer

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Bowman. 2005. The Ten-Minute Trainer. Pfeiffer.

Training shouldn’t be hour-long lectures that bore people who are more
used to television’s ten-minute chunks of content. The book The
Ten-Minute Trainer
is full of ideas for quick one- and five-minute
activities that you can use in between chunks of content to connect
participants, introduce or reinforce what you’re teaching, and liven
up your next training session. I took so many notes while reading it
because it just kept giving me all these wonderful ideas for
workshops. I’m looking forward to trying these things out!

I’m giving a workshop on blogging at the Mesh conference, and I can’t
wait to use the exercises described in this book to help the
conference participants really make the most of their time. =)

Two thumbs up. Every trainer and teacher should at least leaf through
this book.

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