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We sometimes do high-five pushups during krav maga
exercise/self-defense classes. I haven’t gone in a while, but feeling
an itch to do something active today, I decided to do some of the
warmups. This time, however, I incorporated the book that I was
reading. For example, I turned the high-five pushups into page-turn
pushups, turning the pages with one hand. I did leg raises while
reading, situps while reading, side leg raises while reading… you
get the picture. This made the exercises a little more interesting.

Hmm, maybe I should revive my iPod and speech-synthesize some text

I still haven’t worked up a sweat. It would be better to do this in
clothes that I don’t mind sweating in. I did manage to get my heart
rate up, though.

Random Emacs symbol: vc-default-make-version-backups-p – Function: Return non-nil if unmodified versions should be backed up locally.

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