It’s good to be back

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I still hate travelling by myself (especially when I can’t drown out
distractions with music), but welcomes like this make it worth it. My
dad, mom and sister were all busy, but Ranulf and Marcelle met me at
the airport. They waited for three hours in the muggy airport. That’s

It was good catching up with them over lunch. Ranulf’s been keeping a
relatively low profile, but has been doing a lot to organize local
computer science teachers and promote game design. Marcelle’s going
through some work difficulties right now, and I hope he sorts that out

I napped for the rest of the afternoon, and woke up when Mario and
Diane arrived. Mario told me stories of his misadventures. In a fit of
anger and frustration, he had thrown his shoe at a wall, dislocating
his right shoulder in the process. Wall 1, Mario 0. He was rushed to
the hospital, where they pumped him so full of painkillers that he was
floating and making vague threats about biting people if he could
actually move. Ah, the poor guy.

Diane was nervous about Saturday, when Mark’s parents will formally
ask her parents for her hand in marriage. Tradition dictates that
everything be prepared (so no takeout!), and her mother doesn’t want
to cook, so Diane’s going to do all of it after she comes home from
work. I’m very happy for her, and I look forward to catching up with
her and Kendra this Sunday.

And of course, it was wonderful seeing my family again. My sister’s
floating—floating!—because her John is in town. He’s cool, and it’s
great to see them joking around. My dad has a midnight shoot at
Rockwell, but I’m sure I’ll get a chance to catch up with him soon.
And my mom’s doing well, too. She told stories about the feedback she
gave on photography certification, which I should write about soon. I
was surprised to see The Secret on her bedside reading pile (the thing
gives me the heebiejeebies) but it’s good to know that she’s reading
it with a grain of salt.

Should sort out my schedule for the next few. Friday lunch is spoken
for, and Sunday’s the only day I can catch Kendra. Hmm…

Anyway, it’s good to be back.

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