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We went to Dynamic Earth today, which is the other big attraction in
Sudbury. I knew that Canada’s mineral resources were significant, but
I hadn’t known that Sudbury played such an important role in the
mining industry. Sudbury’s huge nickel deposits gave Canada a
near-monopoly on the metal for a long time. Nickel is widely used in
the production of stainless steel. I was surprised to learn that the
production of stainless steel kitchen sinks is one of the biggest uses
of nickel today. What a great way to bring that point close to home!

We spent some time panning for gold in one of Dynamic Earth’s
interactive exhibits. I got pretty good at swishing the sand around to
separate it from the heavier gold flecks, although I don’t think it’s
something I should do as a full-time job! A short movie about gold
fever gave us a glimpse into the life of a modern-day prospector as
well as vignettes of gold’s importance all over the world and through
all the ages.

Good stuff.

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