If I don’t go and do something, I’ll go mad

| school

My thesis draft has been sent to my committee members. I’ve also
revised my CASCON paper and outlined my presentation. And if I don’t
find something else to do, some neat work-type thing, I’m going to go
mad. I can’t really give myself permission to waste the time idly
surfing the Net. I get that itch to do something interesting and

Tomorrow, I’m going to go to IBM. I think my laptop’s just too slow
for reliable VPN. If I go tomorrow, I can invest time in fully
participating in the blogosphere. I can even do some of the
story-collecting and analysis I’d been meaning to do forever. Maybe
I’ll start putting the slides together.

Ah, there’s another thing I can do: update my literature review with
older papers.

And get back into open source development, maybe with Rails.

This is teaching me a lot about my ideal life. I don’t want to be
retired-retired. I want to be doing interesting things. Twitch,
twitch, twitch…

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