Chapter is taking shape

| emacs

After a little bit of
about Org and Planner]], I’m starting to feel more comfortable with
the chapter that I’m writing. I pasted my draft into OpenOffice and
found to my surprise that I have about 13 pages of content, with 7
more to go.

I’m comfortable working with the book as an org outline, and I really
love how it lets me navigate the outline and mark segments as TODO or
DRAFT. I think I’d rather draft it in Emacs than in,
where I’ll be tempted to fiddle with formatting and editing. I’ll use
longlines-mode to draft my book so that I can paste it into OpenOffice
for a rough idea of the page count, but that’ll be my only concession. =)

I’ll put the chapter together before sending it to beta readers, which
would basically be the people who’ve e-mailed me or commented on my
book-related blog entries. If you want to be a beta reader, now’s a
good time to volunteer! It involves reading rough drafts and going,
“Ooh, that _is_ cool,” or even better, “Hey, you missed this totally
awesome Emacs trick…” =) Encouragement will help keep me going, too!

Random Emacs symbol: w3m-encoding-type-alist – Variable: *Alist of
file suffixes and content encoding types.

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