Chapter outline draft: Planning your day in Emacs

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The first chapter I’m working on is about planning your schedule in
Emacs. Here’s my draft outline. I’m targetting 20 pages. The chapter
before this is about managing tasks (35 pages). The Org and Planner
sections in this chapter will build on the previous chapter, which I
haven’t written yet.

  - do not keep track of schedule at all
  - track schedule using Outlook, Notes, or some other program
  - track schedule using PDA
  - track schedule using Filofax or other paper planner
  - already use Emacs and want to learn more tips

Why run your life in Emacs
Overview of methods
The basics
   Setting up Diary
   Getting reminders for appointments
   Importing an event
   Importing a calendar
   Exporting your calendar
   Publishing your calendar
Using Org
Using Planner
   Including Diary events
   Using tasks as appointments
      Sorting tasks by time
      Automatically updating a Diary section
      Keeping private Notes
   Publishing your schedule
Tracking Time

Can you think of anything else that should go into it?

Random Emacs symbol: eshell-script-load-hook – Variable: *A list of functions to call when loading `eshell-script’.

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