Food photography attempt

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That’s what we had for Thanksgiving dinner. I borrowed W-‘s camera to
take the shot, as his was already all set up. This picture used the
room light and an external flash unit placed diagonally in front of
the pan. I like how the background is nice and soft, the roast is
detailed, and the mashed potatoes are cheery but not overwhelming.

If I could shoot this picture again, I’d add another flash behind the
roast in order to add more definition. I’d also find a way to minimize
the shadow cast by the front edge of the pan, perhaps by raising the
front-diagonal flash or increasing the toplight. I’d get rid of that
sprig of whatever that is in front of the lamb, too. I’d also increase
the depth of field by changing apertures so that more of the roast is
in focus.

W- and I enjoy cooking and taking pictures of food. We usually have
time to get a few shots in before hunger sets in. <laugh>

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