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Now that I’ve taken a closer look at it, I can see that planner-appt’s
much cooler than the little hacks I’d been using to keep track of my
schedule. I’m still not sure if I need a separate schedule section,
because I’ve gotten used to managing my appointments in my task list.
It’s nice to know that the option is there, though, and I like how
color-coding makes it easy to see which appointments are past and
which ones are coming up.

Here’s my config for planner-appt.el:

;;;_+ Appointments
(require 'planner-appt)
(setq planner-appt-update-appts-on-save-flag t)
(setq planner-appt-sort-schedule-on-update-flag t)
(setq planner-appt-schedule-cyclic-behavior 'future)
(setq planner-appt-task-use-appointments-section-flag t)

I wonder how I can go about exporting my appointments… <muse>

Random Emacs symbol: x-uses-old-gtk-dialog – Function: Return t if the old Gtk+ file selection dialog is used.

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