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I joined Aaron Kim and Bernie Michalik’s team in IBM last week, and I
*love* what I’m doing. It’s such a terrific fit with what I’m
interested in and what I want to get really good at. I’m helping
people discover the benefits they could get out of emerging
technologies, and I’m looking for good practices we can share with
other people. And it’s amazing just smoothly sliding into the role,
with my network already in place… =) Happy happy happy.

It’s a little bit scary sometimes, too, this being a little bit
famous. I dropped into a Lotus Connections workshop earlier because I
was curious about who might be there. I liked the story Kathryn
Everest told about how she came to appreciate Dogear, and I wished I
could explain things as clearly as she did. <laugh> Then she
went on to say that in organizations, there are usually people who are
avid whatever-ers, people who bookmark thousands of sites and whose
bookmarks are useful. And then she cited me! That makes me feel warm
and fuzzy. And it challenges me a lot, too. There are many
opportunities just waiting for us to step up to them. That’s the scary
part, but it’s also the fun part.

So here’s what I want to get *really* good at:

I want to find or make good practices, and I want to spread them to
the people who can make the most of them.

I love sharing cool tips that solve people’s problems or help them
imagine other things they can do. I can find cool tips by coming up
with them on my own, but the best and most fun way for me to do this
is to catch other people doing good stuff. I can bring out their
experiences with my questions, write about and spread their advice,
and bring them other ideas as well.

I can spread good practices through articles, tutorials, podcasts, and
presentations. I want to know my audiences well, and to be able to
customize this content to address their particular concerns.

I want to do this for both internal and external people. For external
clients, I can bring the good practices we’ve found within our company
and at other companies, and I can help them adopt the ones that make
sense for their organization.

Hey, that’s interesting… Maybe I’m not a technology evangelist. I’m
a practice evangelist! (Gotta find a better way to describe that.)

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