Tweaking day-specific planner pages

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If you set planner-day-page-template to a function. Planner invokes
the function when creating a new day page. This means that you can do
all sorts of stuff. For example, to include the day name in your day
template, add the following code to your ~/.emacs:

(setq planner-day-page-template (lambda ()
  "Day page template for Sacha."
  (let ((date (planner-filename-to-calendar-date (planner-page-name))))
    (insert (calendar-day-name date) "\n* Tasks\n\n\n* Schedule\n\n\n* Notes\n"))))

Let’s say that you wanted to have day-specific messages:

(setq planner-day-page-template (lambda ()
  "Day page template for Sacha."
  (let* ((date (planner-filename-to-calendar-date (planner-page-name)))
         (day (calendar-day-of-week date)))
    (insert (cond
             ;; Day of week starts from 0
             ((= day 0) "Woohoo! Sunday!")
             ((= day 1) "Oh no, it's Monday")
             ((= day 5) "T.G.I.F.!")
             ((= day 6) "I love Saturdays.")
             ;; The rest of the days
             (t "Is it Friday yet?"))
            "\n\n* Tasks\n\n\n* Schedule\n\n\n* Notes\n\n"))))

… although you might want to have a more upbeat way to think of weekdays. ;)

You could do lots of things to your day page template. You could
include one line describing your career goals into your planner every
weekday and one about your personal goals every weekend. You could use
fortune to include a random work-related joke or quotation during the
weekday and a fun-related one during the weekend. You can even include
text based on the current month or day or year, if you wanted.

It pays to learn Emacs Lisp. Crazy Emacs geeks like me
build all sorts of entry points for customization, so you’re really
just limited by your imagination. =)

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Toggle displaying of inline images on current buffer.

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