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Over at Matt’s Idea Blog, Matthew Cornell has listed some of the
coolest job titles he’s seen. Not only that, he links to the people who’ve given themselves those job titles. Check those out for inspiration, and add joy to your own job description. Passion Catalyst! Continuous Self-Improvement Guru! =) How can you not want to get to know people like that?

What’s my title? I’m somewhat in between titles. I’m moving away from being a tech evangelist because it doesn’t capture my focus on processes and practices. I help companies help people connect. I want to get really good at spotting and telling great stories, refining and sharing best practices, and exploring new tools and new ways of doing things. I want to help companies enable more connection, more conversation, more collaboration… and more innovation. And I want to do all that and make it _fun._ Fun the way discovering how small the world is when you discover that the other person in the elevator with you also reads tons of books and you end up chatting about great reads all the way to the cafeteria and all throughout lunch. Connection is fun. Networking is fun. I want to make it easy.

Connection catalyst?

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