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I am not happy. Well, mock-unhappy. I’m fine, but mock-peeved.

The December 2007 issue of the Linux Journal has an article on turning
Emacs into a PIM using Org, and I didn’t write it.

Okay, I *am* happy that somebody else is getting the message out, but
STILL. <laugh> I had a lot of fun writing the Emacs and Planner
article for Linux Journal before, and I wish I’d made the time to
write another article. It’s a good article, though.

NOTE TO SELF: That’s it, I’m waking up *really* early in the morning
to work on the book.

I may have a non-Emacs article idea or two in my blog. For example, I
now have two years of personal financial data in Ledger, and I’ve done
some cool things with Gnuplot. I can write that one up.

Also, timeclocking. I should be able to make pretty graphs from Org,
too. Hmmm. That sounds like something that would be fun to hack.

Then there are little tips, too.

And there’s analyzing Facebook data and making a Flashcard application, again in Emacs.

<steeples fingers> Hmmmm. How to squeeze more writing time into
my day… <taptaptap>

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