Feedwordpress and Planner blog = awesome

| emacs

I’ve been thinking about adding public comments and other nifty
features to my Planner blog for the longest time. It would be nice if
people could search and navigate through my blog the way they can
with, say, WordPress blogs. I thought about switching to WordPress,
but Emacs is just so much handier for me.

Today I had a thinko – why not find a way to pull entries from my
Emacs Planner blog feed into WordPress? I knew there had to be
a plugin to do this. Sure enough, a quick search found
which took me only a few minutes to install. I don’t know why I hadn’t
made that connection before. ;) I mean, spam blogs use things like
this all the time.

ANYWAY, this neatly solves my problem. I can still blog within Emacs
with all the syntax and support I’ve gotten used to, but I can now
provide a different interface for people who like the whizbang
Wordpress stuff. =)

Watch out for more blog craziness in the future. ;)

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