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Okay, no more procrastinating.

I just spent the last couple of hours working on my finances. My ledger now shows all the details of my retirement funds. I can tell you how many units I have, at what price I bought them, their net gains since then, and what percentage they make of my portfolio. I’ve accounted for practically all the money in my savings account, and I divided that into envelopes that makes sense.

There isn’t much else to think about my finances. All I have to do now is keep earning.

The wonderful thing about procrastinating is that you get to do all these other things. I’m currently procrastinating working on a book about Emacs. There are several things I still need to describe in the chapter, such as tagging tasks, working with projects, and clocking time. But I wasn’t in the mood to write, and I gave myself permission to procrastinate the entire afternoon by learning the ins and outs of Ledger, a personal finance program with an Emacs interface. At the very least, I’ll have material for a future article.

And now back to task management.

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