Random cat moment

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My Random Posts widget turned up a link to Another kitten who must not be named!, which told the story of how my parents adopted Ollie, another stray cat.
And of course there’s Neko, my somewhat psychotic but sweet-to-me cat.

I miss them. I rarely talk about the cats during my webcam chats with my family because there’s not much I can do. W- has asthma, so no kitties ever. =( So I content myself by watching cat videos on Cute Overload. It’s nice not dealing with kitty litter, but it’s not the same as feeling something purr as it nestles in your lap.

Here is my cat:


Scottish Folds have nothing on my cat. =)

I miss her. But I’m still glad I had a chance to rescue her from inside the walls, and I’m still glad that I woke up at odd hours to feed her, and I’m still glad that I got tremendously attached to her. And I really appreciate how my family’s still taking care of my cat even if she tears up all the furniture…

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