From Lifehack: How to Make Yourself INSANELY Useful

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Here are some great tips on how to become insanely useful.

  1. Share what you know
  2. Be confident in yourself
  3. Solve the current problem
  4. Give willingly — even when it’s your job
  5. Satisfy your own curiosity
  6. Listen to others
  7. Don’t take over
  8. Know when to stop
  9. Teach, don’t tell
  10. Be sensitive to people’s feelings and shortcomings
  11. Ask for help
  12. Model best practices
  13. Be reliable

Being useful, even insanely useful, doesn’t mean allowing yourself to be used. It means offering what you can, when you can, and doing so gladly. This applies whether you’re doing favors for friends, working with a team at work, writing instructions, or anything else — set limits, but within those limits, be wholly available.

Lots of people are useful — they do the things they need to do, solve the problems they need to solve, and keep things chugging along. People that are insanely useful are in high demand by the companies they work for, the organizations they take part in, the clients they serve, their friends and family, and society in general because they not only solve problems and make things work but they add value to every relationship they take part in., How to Make Yourself INSANELY Useful

Check out the article for concrete tips. =)

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