(In the presence of) Mentors

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The room lights dimmed around me, and a few solitary lamps signaled others staying late. I didn’t mind at all, because I was having fun. Not everyday do I get a chance to pick a mentor’s brain with no time restraint beyond from the grumbling of a stomach (easily ignored, and besides, I brought snacks). Well worth it

Here are some quick notes about what we talked about:

  • Influence: show people why, not just how
  • Early adopters will adopt a technology for novelty’s sake, but it gets really interesting when non-early-adopters take to it. That means you’ve found a problem and solved it.
  • 40,000 feet view and runway view
  • Different perspectives and the value that brings
  • Enthusiasm

One of these days, I may try tweeting our conversation on the fly. ;)

Great day for mentoring. Jen Nolan volunteered, too, and I laughed because I’d already been thinking of her as a mentor. She’s awesome.

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