Juggling; paperwork

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All of this is extracurricular work. My day job is going well, too. One of the challenges than figuring out right now is how to do my best at all the different projects that I’m working on. I want to make sure that each client is happy with the work I do, and that when I am working on the project, our expectations are aligned and people feel that their goals are as important to me as their goals are to them. I get a little anxious when my schedule is uncertain, but with a little bit of initiative and planning, I’m sure I’ll work things out.

I’ve also submitted an application for an emergency visa applicant to the US consulate. There are couple of exciting work-related opportunities that I would love to be part of. I can’t talk about them yet, but if they do go through, you’ll know. It’s a bit of a pain to not be able to travel freely, but hey, that’s life!

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