Morning pages

  • Yesterday, I got up early and made garlic fried rice, longganisa, and scrambled eggs. The high-protein breakfast worked! I didn’t get hungry until about lunchtime, which meant that I didn’t dig into my emergency stash of peanut butter cookies. This is good. I’m going to make garlic rice, breakfast sausages, and scrambled eggs today. I should pick up some buttermilk so that I can make pancakes.
  • I still need to figure out what to do about my short-run business cards, as no card-printing business will take runs of 50, much less do them in less than a week. I’m leaning towards printing on card stock and doing the cutting myself. I’m going to see if I can use the Xacto knives we already have. If not, time to spring for one of those big rotary cutters…
  • Yesterday’s mentoring chat with David Singer was a lot of fun. I enjoyed being able to talk about some of the things I was excited about, such as the conferences I’m attending next week. He gave me a useful way to think about what I like to do, too: I’m a pollinator. Interesting…
  • Despite going to bed at 10 last night, I was up at 3:30 again this morning. A little sleepier than the previous four days, but I wanted to keep my schedule more than I wanted a few more hours of sleep. I exercised again this morning. This is good. =)
  • I like this. Working at the office from 8 to 4-ish means that I don’t have to squeeze into the subway and I can take advantage of the quiet times at the office.
  • I’m still looking for a better blog editor under Linux. Something that can handle posting dates and multiple blogs would be nice.
  • Work continues on my Ledger article. I wrote 771 words in one hour yesterday, and that’s just all about the envelope budgeting. I’m going to finish that section and start on regular budgeting today. It’s kinda funny how I write backwards. I started working on the second-to-the-last chapter of my book, and I’m moving towards earlier chapters. I started at the second-to-the-last part of this article, and I’m moving towards the beginning. Maybe it’s because that allows me to think about where I want people to be after they finish reading my article, and then work backwards until I get them there. It intimidates me less than starting from the beginning and figuring out where I want to take people.
  • I’ve brainstormed a list of topics for my work blog, and hope to write enough of them to schedule posting over the two weeks that I’ll be away. It’s like dipping a toe into the problogging life. If I plan the topics well, then I’ll get to learn and write about things I wanted to learn anyway. Also, I’m still looking for a terrific outline program for the Palm. Hmm…
  • Life is great. =)
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