Check out my parents =)

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My dad and my mom know how to make things happen.

My dad often comes up with wild ideas, such as creating a cultural tradition (he’s been immortalized in one of the tribal epic poems), flying an ultralight across the Philippine archipelago, or organizing large photography trips up to the rice terraces of Banaue. Sometimes these ideas start with “Wouldn’t it be fun if…”. Other times, my dad sees a need and responds to it. My mom helps my dad make those ideas reality by connecting with different groups, helping my dad inspire them with his vision, and organizing the logistics.

Growing up watching them move mountains, I learned the power of having a vision and bringing people together. I saw how my parents’ initiatives weren’t just about doing what they wanted to do, but also making it possible for other people to do what they wanted but never dared to do before. People appreciated the opportunity to make a difference, to join in making things happen.

If you like what I’m learning about and talking about, you’d probably really like learning from my mom (, and my dad ( – my dad is MagicEye, check the thread for lots of stories). They rock! =)

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