WordPress and lifestreaming – check out my draft firehose interface

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Inspired by WordCamp Toronto (and the Flutter plugin in particular), I decided to spend some time figuring out if I could use WordPress as a tumblelog/lifestream without overwhelming people and while still making my regular blog posts easy to find. I also wanted to bring in some of the weekly and daily planning that I do. Here’s what I have so far:

Draft firehose interface

It’s currently running off categories of posts that are excluded from the default RSS feed and from index.php. I’m half-tempted to make it run off files instead, because I can very easily rsync those from my computer… and that will probably end up involving Emacs. ;) That would be pretty sweet, wouldn’t it?

… or a blosxom instance that feeds RSS into WordPress…

… or an Org/Planner export that feeds RSS into WordPress…

Oh, the possibilities.

What do you think? I’m planning to offer several interfaces to my blog. Firehose might become the default interface (there’ll be a mainpost-summary version for people who like scanning and a main-post full version for people who hate clicking). There could be a traditional reverse-chronological everything view and an almost-everything view (excludes tidbits). There could also be an explore view full of random posts and “On This Day” goodness. And maybe another view for people coming in from search engines…

What do you think? What would make it easier for you to browse?

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