Learning more about Drupal 6

It’s another slow work day, so I invested some time in learning about Drupal 6. Now that I’m familiar with Drupal’s structure, I’m tempted to move my blog to it. The wordpress_import module successfully imported my existing blog posts and comments. In order to make it work, I needed to delete all the spam comments and increase my PHP execution limits to 4 minutes and 256 MB RAM.

I remember how I migrated all of my posts from Emacs Planner into WordPress by generating and slurping in the RSS feed. I’m using a similar process now using WordPress’ XML Export format. I don’t even need to break it into smaller RSS feeds for memory usage.

I’m currently prototyping things through Drupal’s web-based interface. It’s easier to explore, but it also makes me slightly nervous because my changes haven’t been checked into my git repository. I use a custom module instead of making types through CCK, though, as I find it easier to hack PHP than figure that out. ;)

So what is it like now?

Screenshot of Drupal site

The key piece I’m working on is a way to keep track of recent and upcoming presentations, conferences, and other events. I’d like to eventually tie that into a content management system that will make it easy for me to plan future talks, too. I wonder if I can use this to learn about Twitter and Facebook integration as well… =)

We’re still on Drupal 5 at work, but it’s fun experimenting with Drupal 6 and wrapping my mind around the differences. I’m looking forward to learning more about tasks in installation profiles, theming, and other good things.

Always learning!