The innovator’s innovator

| ibm

One of the things I love about working with IBM is that we get to think about and experiment with the future. For example, with the economic climate and the travel restrictions in place, we’re looking for ways to hold more effective virtual conferences. It’s absolutely fascinating seeing people come up with ways to make virtual conferences more engaging and more inclusive, and to see the way we’re improving the technologies and processes. I can’t wait to help figure things out. And as we’re learning, we’ll help other companies save money and connect more effectively, too.

IBM’s a large company, so we have the challenges and opportunities that many other companies also have. IBM has terrific people who are passionate about their work and who have the technical and organizational skills to make things better. And IBM has the services, software, and hardware structures to share these solutions and best practices with others. It’s not a perfect company, but it–we–can do a lot of good. =)

The world will be a better place when anyone can come from anywhere in order to connect, collaborate, learn, and share. Looking forward to helping make this happen!

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