How to extract just the audio from Sametime Unyte recordings, on Linux

| linux, presentation, ffmpeg

I use Sametime Unyte for web conferences at work. Unyte allows you to record your teleconferences (slides and audio), and you can download a ZIP containing Flash video after your session.

I usually extract the audio track and publish that as a separate MP3 so that people can listen to it. I can also have the audio file transcribed. The audio track from Sametime Unyte is of lower quality than my voice recorder, but it’s a good backup and it captures both sides of the phone conversation.

Here is one way to extract the audio using Linux:

for FILE in *.swf; do ffmpeg -i $FILE -ab 64k $FILE.wav; done

Then you can concatenate all the WAV files:

sox *.wav all.wav

Then you can use Audacity to edit the resulting file.

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