Nothing quite like Org for Emacs

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I’ve been trying lots of different Web-based GTD task managers like Remember the Milk, Toodledo, and GTDAgenda. I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that there’s nothing quite like Org for Emacs.

Here’s what I like about the other services:

  • Both Remember the Milk and Toodledo have iPhone/iPod Touch interfaces, so I can review, check off, and create tasks anywhere.
  • All those services allow me to e-mail tasks to an address.
  • It’s easy to filter tasks by context.
  • I can share my tasks with my assistant so that he or she can remind me of the tasks I’ve scheduled for the day.

Here’s what I like about Org:

  • I can use templates and outlines to organize my tasks however I want.
  • I can set deadlines, scheduled tasks, and prior notice easily.
  • I can track time more finely than Toodledo can.
  • I can use Org as an activity log.
  • I can schedule tasks onto specific timeslots.

Of all the options I’ve tried, Toodledo is closest to where I am with Org, although it still doesn’t do everything.

Some options are:

  • Use worg or develop a web-based interface for displaying tasks based on my Org file
  • Write code for synchronizing Org with Toodledo or RememberTheMilk, making lots of geeks happy in the process =)
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