Virtual assistance: Process for managing my to-read books

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I read a lot. Inspired by Mel Chua’s process for books: turning stocks into flows, here’s how I can ask a virtual assistant to keep my library account well-stocked:

  1. Log on to with my account. (Note: Make sure you use the account labeled “ – *Sacha* (me)”, as there are two library cards associated with my Timesvr profile. My library card ends with 3536.)
  2. Log on to and go to my to-read bookshelf (My books – to-read)
  3. Search the library for the first book on my list. If it’s available, place a hold, then click on [edit] under the shelves column and choose requested. If it’s not available or you can’t place a hold, click on [edit] under the shelves column and choose bookstore.
  4. Repeat #3 until you have placed the requested number of books on my shelf, until you have reached the time limit set, or the library system reports an error because I have too many holds already.

This is so cool! I have 2 books waiting for me at the library, with another 10 on the way… =D Combining this with my process for renewing my library books leads to library awesomeness. Looking forward to tweaking this even more!

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