Travelling with smiles

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I think I’m getting the hang of how to make flights comfortable. =)

  • A checklist of electronics, toiletries, and paperwork helps me make sure I don’t forget anything at home or at the hotel. The CarbonFin Outliner application on the iPhone/iPod Touch is perfect for keeping a task outline that you can check as you pack and clear when you want to reuse it.
  • A water bottle makes it easy to stay hydrated on the flight and on the road. Ask flight attendants to fill it up with water, particularly on long flights. Cap the bottle when you’re sleeping so that you don’t worry aboutspilling anything.
  • Wash-hang-and-wear clothes from Tilley and other travel outfitters are light and easy to launder in a hotel room sink. You don’t even need to iron them to look presentable.
  • A hat shades me from the sun and makes it easy to pick me out from the conference crowds.
  • Mini-socks or foot covers can be worn through airport security so that I don’t have to walk barefoot while my shoes are being X-rayed
  • A passport organizer on a lanyard keeps my passport, boarding pass, and iPod handy.
  • A rolling case that’s just the right size for even cramped regional jets means I can comfortably travel light.
  • A netbook lets me work in airports and on the plane.
  • An Eagle Creek compact comfort travel pillow is easy to inflate and deflate, covered with soft microfleece, and good at helping me avoid stiff necks. In a pinch, it can also be used as lumbar support.
  • Skullcandy earphones or another noise-isolating earphone set – good for inflight entertainment or my iPod.
  • A custom eye-mask I sewed from the comfy cat-print flannel I used for my pajamas fits well and makes me smile.

It’s the little things that make all the difference… =)

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