IBM Drupal Drop-in Clinic

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I love this! I’m practically running an IBM Drupal drop-in clinic at 120 Bloor E, helping five developers on two projects become that much more productive. They’re all working with Drupal 6, but my experience with developing and debugging on Drupal 5 is still helpful, and I can navigate through Internet posts pretty quickly too. I get to help with the tough and interesting bits without needing to set up my environment or work on the boring bits. ;)

This is definitely worth the subway ride. I create more than CAD $4.50 of value and save people more than 60 minutes of time total. Besides, I usually get to sit down and write a blog post during the commute.

Some things from today:

  • Want to protect files from being downloaded? Set your Drupal file system handling to Private, manage your view uploaded files permission, and don’t forget to add an .htaccess in your files directory with the following:
    SetHandler Drupal_Security_Do_Not_Remove_See_SA_2006_006

    Options None

    Options +FollowSymLinks

  • Use hook_form_alter to print out the form_id if you want to change where a form redirects. After you figure out the form_id, set the appropriate form’s #redirect property.
  • var_dump may look different if you don’t have xdebug installed. Check the HTML source for your expected output.

Lots of other HTML- and Drupal-related things, too.

Good leverage on time and experience. =D I wonder how to get even better at this…

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