Cats in high places

| cat

“What am I going to do?” my mom asked. “There are two kittens near the catwalk, and they’re coloured like Neko.”

We find our cats in unlikely places. I discovered Neko when our bathroom wall started mewing.

There are kittens and I can hear them!

I couldn’t help it. I clambered onto the catwalk (carefully, carefully) and scattered some food for them. They were too far, and I didn’t think I could trust the boards with my weight. Besides, the mommy cat shouldn’t worry about humans handling the kitties. Better that they’re there. And I won’t be here, so I can’t find out if the kittens are being taken care of and I don’t have the time to rear them in case they aren’t…

I hope mommy cat is okay. She’s not Neko. Neko’s been spayed for a long time. Might be a relative, though. So cute!

There are kittens and I can hear them!

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