Happy holidays, eh!

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I sent my first batch of Christmas cards two weeks ago, raiding my stash of Philippine-themed Christmas cards. Good thing, too. My sister had apparently been planning to send the exact same design of cards, so she scrambled to find a Dutch card instead.

Ever the geek, W- suggested a Christmas card protocol to eliminate collisions. We’ll focus on Canadian cards, Kathy can do Philippine or Dutch cards, and Ching can do Singaporean cards if she wants.

What does a Canadian Christmas card look like? I was thinking about it, and an idea got stuck in my head. I had fun drawing this:


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I’ve just ordered a set of 30 custom Christmas cards from VistaPrint. They’ll arrive too late to send to family and friends in the Philippines, but I can use them for people here. It’s a good experiment in creativity. If they work out, I might make or order more next year.

If you want to print your own set, I could share the hi-res file. =) Disclaimer: I haven’t seen what this looks like as a printed greeting card yet!

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