Monthly review: November 2010

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In last month's review, I wrote:

We’re halfway through November already. I need to write a yearly review. My work anniversary syncs well with our yearly performance review cycle. I’ve got pictures to organize and memories to write. And then there’s the holiday season coming up. We’re working on being more social.

November was great. We got back into the swing of work. I've been up to my ears in Drupal, and lovin' it. We've also been tweaking our household routines, and have taken to cooking all of our dinners during the weekend. With lunch portions in the freezer and dinner portions in the fridge, we hardly have to do any cooking during the week – freeing up time to help with homework or take on personal projects. We’re going to keep up with that experiment in December, and then see if we can expand it to two weeks of dinners (some in the freezer) once we free up more freezer space.

It was fun working on my annual review together with my manager, and the notes that I kept helped me flesh things out in detail. He encouraged me to apply for the next level of professional qualifications, too, so I’m going to spend some time working on that.

I took lots of sketchnotes during a virtual conference I attended, and people liked the sketchnotes. =) It was fun drawing them!

I bought an Android phone and learned how to program for it, so I’m looking forward to all sorts of geeking around. I downloaded a few tracking apps, too, and have been experimenting with logging the time I spend on activities.

Social: Progress on this front! We sent out our first batch of Christmas cards as a married couple, yay. I’ve also been better at organizing or attending get-togethers with friends. =) I still haven't sorted out the rest of the wedding pictures. I'm thinking of just burning a copy and mailing the disc home to my parents. <laugh>

Oh, and we watched Wicked again! =)

What will December look like? Lots of good work, more productivity experiments, maybe some Android hacking, a few social get-togethers, and onwards to another great year.


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