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Next week, I’m giving Remote Presentations That Rock in person at IBM 3600 Steeles Avenue on Monday. I decided to hold off on the extensive revisions I’d been thinking of doing. Instead, I re-drew the slides and I changed a few points.

See for full notes / discussion.

Remote Presentations That Rock (2011) Click on Menu – View Full Screen to see this in full-screen mode.

The older version, for comparison:

and the "e-book"-type presentation:

Remote Presentations That Rock (v2)

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Some speakers are very consistent when it comes to content and delivery. I keep working on my material, gnashing my teeth over titles I want to reuse, because I’m still learning so much. I’m consistent about a growing number of things, though. I’ll have a blog post up with the resources, I’ll probably bubble over with energy when I give the presentation, and I’ll record and share as much as I can.

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