Monthly review: March 2011

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I found this in my draft folder. Might as well post it!

Plans for March:

Ah, March. Wrapping up the first quarter with several projects on the go and even more proposals underway. I’m starting to get the hang of this. I wish the paperwork was smoother, and that we had more people in IBM with whom I could share Drupal and Rails projects! =)

Warmer weather means it’s time to get the garden going. We still get a bit of snowfall, but the forecast is looking up. Plenty of rain means free watering and no fussing about with hoses that could still freeze.

From last month’s plans


  • [X] Shepherd more projects to signing and work
  • [X] Learn how to implement web services on Websphere Application Server
  • [X] Create and deliver more presentations
  • [X] Finish blog series on blogging


  • [X] Host another get-together
  • [-] Build a set of people to call once a week
  • [X] Check out Toastmasters again
  • [X] Practise driving


  • [X] Refine my plans
  • [X] Start seedlings

Plans for next month


  • [ ] Get a good prototype together for project C
  • [ ] Get the paperwork in place for project M
  • [ ] Prepare for training on project I
  • [ ] Help with other work
  • [ ] Assist with “Get Social, Do Business”


  • [ ] Put together more study group resources
  • [ ] Practise driving
  • [ ] Prepare for May trip


  • [ ] Start garden
  • [ ] Write and draw a lot
  • [ ] Focus discretionary time on plans and experiments
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