Cats in high places

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Some cats love high places. With a little planning, it’s easy to give kitty a great view. Here are Luke and Leia hanging out on top of the new cabinets we installed in the kitchen:

Cabinet cats

We’ve left enough space for them to stand up and walk around on those cabinets. How did they get up there? Easy. They jump on the chest freezer, then up and across a series of shelves, then down to the pantry, and then up to the cabinet. I’ll see about posting a video sometime. It’s a system similar to this one.

There are a lot of pet-related furniture hacks. We haven’t done anything nearly as serious – mostly just ready-made parts arranged to let the cats climb up and over our heads. Oh, except for the cat perch that we made using lumber, sisal rope, and leftover carpet.

Even without any special arrangements, cats will often find some way to amuse themselves. One of our cats loves hanging out on top of our laundry sorter, which is a covered set of three compartments with a canopy like that of a four-poster bed. I don’t know why it has a canopy. Maybe the designer has a cat who also likes high places.

Speaking of cat hacks, this video from Japan Probe (via Cute Overload) makes me think about breaking out the LEGO Mindstorms kit we have. 

legocat jpnprobe by peakfloods

Our cats are sweet and amusing, and they make us laugh much more often than they mess up. =)

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