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  • Tim Ferris writes about how to estimate your market size using Google and Facebook so that you can see if your business idea might have a million dollars’ worth of customers. I like reading about entrepreneurship, although I’m postponing getting started because I’ve got a lot of projects going on right now. It is possible to build really cool things in one weekend, so that’s tempting…
  • Alas, A Blog writes about making a school appearance over Skype. I think it’s awesome that videoconferencing makes it possible for teachers to bring all sorts of role models into their classrooms. I hope J-‘s school tries this out.
  • David Seah shares a template for outlining books. I like the idea of using the physical structure of the book (pages) to build its logical structure. The template takes more space than my “dogear and then transcribe into an Org text file” approach, though. (I’ve tried book darts, but they’re hard to place on the go.) Maybe I’ll try this template for some of the nonfiction books I’ve got on the shelf…
  • The New York Times describes the bike culture in the Netherlands, and how it permeates life. It’s in the little things, like how Dutch drivers learn to open their doors with their right hand, forcing them to turn and look for bicycles. I had a lot of fun biking in the Hague when we visited friends, and I wish Toronto was as much fun to ride in (and as flat!). Hat-tip to Ben Casnocha for sharing the link.
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