From the feeds: Writing, more writing, journalism, and automation

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Seth Godin shares how to get past writer’s block by pointing out people don’t get talker’s block. Write every day, even if it’s not brilliant. Low standards are useful. I’m working on writing even more – some posts for my blog, some notes for myself.

Chris Guillebeau writes about writing 300,000 words a year – a book, lots of blog posts, and assorted articles. Writing 1,000 words a day is a great way to use time. I’d like to get better at organizing this stream of ideas, too.

Jonathan Stray shares a computational journalism reading list. I’m interested in analytics, visualization, and using data to help tell stories. The new breeds of journalists are too. Yay!

Lifehacker features the AutoKey text expansion tool for Linux. AutoHotKey for Windows (a different tool) has become one of my favourite ways to automate everything from text shortcuts to transferring information to slides using a template. It boggles me that a similarly geeky tool has not yet become popular on Linux. AutoKey looks interesting. Does anyone know of anything better?

Lots of interesting posts turn up in my feedreader. I’m thinking of sharing highlights weekly so that I nudge myself to go back and review them, see what I’ve done with the information, and share the ideas with you.

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