Emacs steno interface so far

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2021-06-28: Added completion with stroke info.

So here's what I have so far:

  • a stroke log (using plover-websocket)
  • Clippy suggestions (using inotify to watch clippy.txt)
  • a scratch pad that I can quickly add the Clippy suggestions to


    Figure 1: stroke log, suggestions, scratch pad

  • cheatsheets that pop up with a stroke and pass the next keystroke through so that I can just keep typing


    Figure 2: Emily's modifiers cheatsheet

  • frequency-sorted word completion with stroke information


    Figure 3: This should make fingerspelling easier.

  • briefing with Briefpedia suggestions, conflicts, and alternatives for the conflicting entry.


    Figure 4: briefing

  • steno practice that runs off Org tables or word lists, displays hints, and doesn't require me to star out misstrokes (although I can if I want)


    Figure 5: suggestions, phrases


    Figure 6: Afterwards, there's a simple review list that includes the entry before the misstroked one.

  • word-based commands


    Figure 7: I can use friendly names and a custom order for commands, still be able to access all the other commands by name, and have a specific action handle input that doesn't match any of the completions.

  • defining briefs from Org Mode tables
  • automatically toggling dictionaries for types of prompts (ex: reading outlines)
  • automatically toggling modes and removing extra dashes/spaces for things like defining a function
  • outlines for toggling Emacs (raising or lowering the window) and other matching windows
  • and a plugin that allows dictionary entries such as:
    • {plover:emacs_mx:my/plover-brief-with-check}
    • {plover:emacs_key:M-RET}
    • {plover:emacsclient_current:(my/org-edit-special-dwim)}

It probably won't work for other people yet, but maybe I can play around with ideas and we can try to get some working on other people's computers. Some of the code is in the Plover section of my config (https://sachachua.com/dotemacs#plover), if you want to explore!

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