Notes from virtual grade 1

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We're close to the end of the school year. We chose virtual school again this year, and we applied for a full exemption from synchronous learning. At completed the required homework on time and occasionally participated in class. The teachers were okay with this setup.

What worked well?

  • A+ generally did the homework quickly, giving her plenty of time for self-directed learning and outdoor playdates. Most teachers posted detailed instructions and resources.
  • It was extra nice when she took the initiative to do her homework.
  • I liked knowing what they were learning about in class, and following along with the homework.
  • A+ likes to read at night. Working asynchronously. meant that we could usually have laid-back mornings.

What was a little challenging?

  • Sometimes A+ was too tired after playdates, and homework was hard to get through. Sometimes she resisted doing homework with me. She always managed to do it, though. W- helped.
  • Sometimes I got a bit antsy about what we were missing out on, choosing to not do, or not doing as well as some of her classmates (Comparison is the thief of joy.)
  • Sometimes big feelings were hard to deal with.

Choosing virtual school again next year. I hope it works out just as well!

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